University Hill Homeowners Association
University Hills / Association of Home Owners
An urban oasis in the heart of DFW / Las Colinas. Luxuary homes, greenbelts, parks, walking trails,
amidst the lush trees and hills of the original jewel of the Las Colinas master planned community.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I join?
The biggest asset a neighborhood group has is its people. Without residents’ involvement and membership the
Neighborhood Association can not operate. The greatest contribution you, as an individual, can make in your
neighborhood is to make yourself available. Utilizing your enthusiasm and unique skills for the betterment of your
neighborhood can be a great personal experience. Your modest dues go to fund projects and events just for the
University Hills neighborhood.
Is there some place on the UH website listing C&R’s (covenants & restrictions)?
Yes, gust go to the Las Colinas Association website.- To access LCA Governing Documents, Notices, Information,
Covenants & Restrictions and other LCA information go to Las Colinas Web Site and click on the RESIDENTIAL
RESOURCES drop down file. ...... Click Here
How does the Neighborhood Association differ from the Las Colinas Association?
The Neighborhood Association is a voluntary organization.
Our interests are limited to University Hills neighborhood while Las Colinas represents all businesses
and 11
We strive to empower residents to work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in our neighborhood.
We aim to foster strong neighborhood communication and to bring neighbors together.
We promote the creation of a strong sense of neighborhood identity
Is the University Hills Association of Homeowners the same as the Neighborhood Association?
Yes, the names are used interchangeably. The term neighborhood association welcomes everyone in University Hills
regardless of whether they own their home or lease it.
Why is a Neighborhood Association important?
Provides a sense of community for our neighborhood.
Addresses neighborhood issues in a coordinated and organized manner.
Provides a common voice for your concerns.
Facilitates communication between neighbors. Coordinates frequent events that promote the neighborhood’s
vitality and well being. Promotes a safer neighborhood.
What are the dues and how are they used?
Currently the dues are $50 per household for a one-year membership. In addition to funding all the activities
and projects the dues are used to pay for printing of newsletters and flyers and paying the monthly Internet charges.
100% of the dues collected are rolled back into the improvement of University Hills. All labor is voluntary.
Why is it important to give my contact information to the Neighborhood Association?
To be a healthy and safe neighborhood we need to look out for one another. Therefore your neighbors need to
know who you are, who lives in your house, if you have kids and how old they are. Also sharing of information
helps us to get to know each other and become closer friends.
Will the Association provide the University Hills contact database to any other organization or business?
No. The Neighborhood Association will only use the information for neighborhood business and will not print the
information in a neighborhood directory unless given permission.
Does the neighborhood association have official by-laws?
Yes, they were adopted March 2001 and can be seen on the web page at or you can
request a copy from any Board member.
When does the Neighborhood Board meet and can I attend?
The Neighborhood Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 11:30 in the morning. The Board meets
at the Las Colinas Country Club. Guests are always welcomed.
How do I get more involved?
The Neighborhood Association always needs volunteers. All you have to do is let a Board member know that
you are interested and you will be plugged in.
..... Mission Statement
...... The University Hills Neighborhood Association is a voluntary organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality
...... of life in our neighborhood. Our goals are to foster strong communication, bring neighbors together, create a strong sense of identity and
...... empower residents to make University Hills all it can be.
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